Can Man Live on veggies alone?
Not only can man(and woman) live on veggies alone, they will probably live a longer and healthier life. Just the removal of those horrible nitrates that are so pervasive in animal meat should add a good five years to your lifespan. On top of that is the fact that your body was made to absorb its vitamins and minerals from natural sources like vegetables rather than strain to extract those vitamins from being packed in a chemical soup made by the vitamin manufacturers who are more concerned with getting that vitamin on the label and not so worried about whether your body can actually utilize it in that synthesized form. A diet high in veggies and low in meat will keep you out of the doctors office as often, and those visits you do make will have much more pleasant reports and less warnings, not to mention less dependency on prescription medicines. Which aren’t really necessary in a properly functioning body.
There are many sources for dietary information about vegetables, in many websites on the web such as this one. It is packed with nutrient information on vegetables as well as delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes. There are also many veggie resources at this website. You can also go here for lots of kindle books with recipes and other resources. So if you are concerned about whether you can survive on just veggies alone, the answer is a definite yes, but you have  to keep an open mind  on what types of food you incorporate into your diet, and how you prepare it.

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