Love Sea Turtles

Sea Turtle Facts

love sea turtles

From loggerheads to leatherbacks to , many of the species of sea turtles are endangered and threatened by  people. Ultimately, the turtles constantly face many dangers, during their lives in the ocean — including possible capture or getting entangled in fishing gear ,  loss of  feeding site from  development of the coastal areas and even pollution.

These amazing animals are very comfortable in  the sea, but need air to survive. They very in size, from the different  species — from smallish at less than  80-100 pounds, to very large, scaling in at more than 1,000 pounds.

Diet and Habitat

Turtles are found in every sea in the world in tropical and subtropical climates. They travel long distances in their journeys through the oceans. Some span the Pacific from Japan  and travel to Baja, Mexico  before swimming home again. Some turtles can handle cold  water ( under 40 ° F) and are found off of Chile and  Alaska.

They live their lives in the ocean , except for  when they go  into to the shore to lay eggs. After 2 months, the baby turtles (“puppies”) leave their the nest and head the ocean. Young turtles spend a couple of years out in the deep ocean, then head to the protection of nearshore waters and bays.

Diet varies depending on species:  Leatherbacks love to eat jellyfish and soft-bodied creatures; other types like  crabs and molluscs;some types live on sponges and  invertebrates; and Kemp ridley devour crabs.

Human Threat

These are ancient animals and have been on this planet for  100 million years — even outlasting the dinosaurs that became extinct70 million years back. They now face some of their greatest threats yet, because of  the overpopulation of man on this planet.

Sea turtles will usually drown if tangled in fishing nets. Human development on coasts  destroy  nesting sites, destroy coral reefs, and city lights distract baby turtles away  from deep sea. Pollution fools turtles by looking like jellyfish and is eaten, which will block their intestines. In many countries, they are killed for their meat and shells .


Healthy Vegan Recipes

horse eating healthyChoosing the right diet

I wanted to share a great secret with everyone of my readers. The secret of having a healthy lifestyle. On of the major components of owning a healthy lifestyle is eating and choosing to eat only foods that come straight out of mother earth. Mother nature is the force that supplies all the wholesome materials that are needed to build your body as a nearly indestructible mechanism that will maintain itself for many, many years in tiptop form as long as you follow her guidelines. The food that springs out of our earth is already in a perfect form to allow us to absorb all the nutrients that our bodies require without adding unnatural man made laboratory generated additives and modifications. The purer the source to being as god intended the more easily your body will absorb the nutrients needed to keep your body in healthful, tiptop form. Another aspect of natures fulfillment is the ability to acquire your needed nutrients without killing and ingesting other sentient beings. Our brothers in the animal world deserve our protection, and many species actually look to us in trust that we will not betray them by slaughtering and eating them. This act of maintaining a custodial relationship with animals on our earth can only help move us closer to perfection in the great karmic wheel that we call life.

Finding sources of dietary information

There are some great resources available to help in our quest to find healthful alternatives to eating animal flesh. There is a great website for vegetarians that lists guides to greens, beans, and other plant based foods, as well as vegan recipes. If you browse thru this great website you will see all kinds of information valuable for anyone who wants to make the most healthful choices in their diets. There are many more resources available for more great information that can be used to make informed and enlightened decisions on something as important as choosing a dietary path to health and wholeness, you must just keep your eyes, ears, and heart open and seeking.

Finding the Perfect Doghouse

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