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My name is Tim Bowes and this blog is dedicated to finding beauty in this world that is worth of sharing with my faithful followers and adoring fans. I have seen alotof beauty before my eyes since the day that I was born on that cold winters day in 1981. Most of what I saw occurred in my home town of Santa Barbara, Ca in a small two bedroom house that my father rented about a mile from the beautiful pacific ocean. I lived a full life before I graduated from Beamont Elementary School. My first fight was with a bully who jumped me from behind when I was in fourth grade. His name was Ray Tucker, and I proceeded to whip his ass in front of all of his bully friends. I have always been pretty good at self defense, even sometimes managing to fight as many as 4 opponents at a time, and still maintaining all of my body parts. My first love was also in the fourth grade, her name was Jan Loveless and I sat next to her,but never said too much to her, being too shy, but inside my heart and head their there was a raging love affair occurring that Im sure she was not even aware of.

tim Bower
tim Bowes

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